When you open up this gallery to check out these stunning photos, your mouth will drop open because out of all that you have expected to see here, metting gorgeous brunette beauty Amberleigh West was surely not one of them. It's not just the fact that she possesses an etheral beauty that is so rare to find in women, but the quality of these artistic pictures is definitely one of a kind. The setting for this outstanding playboy-plus photoshoot is a wonderful meadow where this natural babe is posing for the camera surrounded by wild flowers as beautiful as she is, the endless blue sky and a sea of soft yellow plants. She is like a fairy sitting down in the middle of it, charming and innocent, even though she is stripping off of her clothes, sliding her panties and bras down until she is naked. Maybe when she is nude she is that much closer to nature. In any case, you're bound to love it.